About us

About us

Mission Vision & Values

  • Bring inspiration and innovation to everyone who steps aboard our aircrafts
  • We pledge to provide a world class flight experience for all
  • We work diligently to attain your mission or goal whether it’s a surprise, anniversary, or just creating memories
  • We want this experience to be unforgettable

Meet the Chief Pilot

Anthony Oshinuga is the owner and founder of AirOshi, established in 2013. He is a dedicated aviator, with 15+ years flying experience. He has been flying almost daily since he stepped foot on the tarmac. His love of aviation and all things air and flight are second to few.

  • Over 2,500 flight hours in air show / aerobatic airplanes and standard airplanes like Cessna 150, 152, 170A, 172, Decathlon, Super Decathlon, Christian Eagle, Yak 52, Extra 300 and a Pitts S1
  • Texas Lone Star Hall Of Fame.